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An ancient evil which has now been reawakened. Values in green are being positively modified. Heavier weapons also slow you down whilst moving. Armour Each piece of armour you wear adds to your overall protection or armour rating.

Heavier weapons drain more stamina when power attacking than light ones. Darkened dialogue option means you have already discussed this topic. Complete newbie to linux. Casting spells uses Magicka. Success is based on your speech skill and level.

Your stealth is displayed when your crouch. The individual words of each shout must be learned by finding World Walls in the world.

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Dragon souls are absorbed by slaying dragons. Left or Right Hand: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Some friends will allow you to take their items from their inventory as gifts, or agree to join you on your journey, you can also sometimes give them gifts in return.

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