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Latin nuntius could mean either "messenger" or "announcement," so the meaning of nuntii its plural depends on context. Our web site staff are constantly working to assist you in your search to find the partner of your dreams. In English there is a,an and the.

More loosely, it may mean "Can you please? Used almost exclusively in medical terms such as "hypernatremia" meaning too high a concentration of sodium in the blood or "hyponatremia", too low a concentration of sodium in the blood.

The word actuallycome from Latin origin, where it literally means "heap". What does it mean to be Latin? The word "purge" comes from Latin "purgare", which means "to clean".

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What does the Latin stem sta mean? Latin Dating is constantly updated with new profiles and real photos. Here are some words for honor, and there meanings. For example, "I can fly" is possum volare "I-am-able to-fly". What does nostram mean in Latin?

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It is the possessive case for noster - meaning our or ours. What does the Latin word 'duxit' mean?