✔Video: Voddie Baucham- Can women be preachers? ✔Video: Voddie Baucham- Can women be preachers?

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What man is dumb enough to think his daughter is worth less? On preparing for marriage… This is how [some people] understand preparation.

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Christian Dating, Love And Marriage ❃Voddie Baucham❃

On the desire to be married… God is the one who awakens in us a yearning and a desire to be married. If you have enough relational experiences it makes you better prepared so that when you get into marriage it will be a smoother ride.

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He was discussing a healthy desire in the above quote, not an idolatrous desire. The more relationships we have had, the more jaded and callous we become, the more we hurt our levels of trust and the more we get used to giving ourselves to someone and walking away.

Here are 10 thought-provoking quotes of his from different sermons and interviews if you want to hear one of his interviews, click here: