Wahkeena Spring Loop via Angels Rest Trail and Devils Rest Trail #C - Oregon | Gaia GPS Wahkeena Spring Loop via Angels Rest Trail and Devils Rest Trail #C - Oregon | Gaia GPS

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The hike to Fairy Falls and beyond is on a very well maintained safe trail. Look for a signpost marking the end at an intersection with the Larch Mountain Trail; turn left to loop back home.

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There's an abandoned trail to the top of Wahkeena Falls that's not really for the faint of heart. The trail begins off Highway 30 near a parking area.

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The climb is relentless and tiring. Silence gives way to the roar of waterfalls below over the last quarter mile.

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Wahkeena Falls is one of the more popular destinations in the gorge and there's a reason for that. Shortly before the three-quarter mile point, a number of tight switchbacks climb next to the gorgeous fan-shaped Fairy Falls.

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Wahkeena soon begins a series of tight switchbacks, climbing along a creek of the same name to the right. I encourage them to climb a bit further.

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The visitors center at the base of Multnomah Falls is open seven days a week, 9 to 5. Every time I'm there, I talk to a new hiker and they tell me how tired they are.

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One of neat things about the Wahkeena Trail is that there's something cool every few hundred feet. Later in the day, I'm likely to find them ' higher, still tired, but happy and proud. The most alert hikers will find a Lego cemented into one of the walls.

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The trail climbs in one long switchback to a stone bridge at the base of Wahkeena Falls. Upper Wahkeena is a short distance ahead, as the path starts to made wider curves as it ascends.