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Waiter flirting with wifes girlfriend, reader interactions

Send random flirty texts when you are not together that will ensure you are on your girlfriend's mind.

Waitress flirting with?

Touch your girlfriend all the time. You have nice boobies,' she said while poking Shannon's painted breast with her finger. Love it,' one man told her, and she couldn't resist asking if she meant her top or bottoms.

She and Frankie were both pictured at the event just hours after Samira broke her silence on the video of Frankie snogging a mystery blonde during a nightclub appearance. Read More Frankie drinking pints with Charlie Image: Send her sweet texts telling her how much you miss her and can't wait to see her, or hint at what you have in store for her when she gets home.

All in all, the model was a hit with the patrons, and more than a few asked to take her photo while she was working. More than a few patrons asked to take Shannon's photo and some just took pictures without asking Unfortunately for Shannon, one woman got a little too touchy-feely when she came up to her to talk about her body paint.

If you live with your girlfriend, it is easy to slip into a roommate-type situation where you don't make the extra effort to keep well-groomed, or keep a little of the mystery that makes your girlfriend find you desirable, according to Dr.

Tell her she looks beautiful every day. Tips Don't fall into the roommate rut. For example, have a decadent dessert from a restaurant delivered to her at work with a flirty note attached, or surprise her by taking her to a Latin dance class to learn a sensual samba routine.

A statement released on behalf of the West End star said: Snog video that shocked Samira Charlie, 23, had been at the Gallery club in Maidstone with Frankie at the weekend, where it's said he was seen lapping up attention from other women following his massive fight with Ellie.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of people stared at Shannon while she was taking orders at the bar Captivated or confused? One woman got a little too grabby and poked Shannon's breast Shocked: One man told her that it was 'pretty hot out,' apparently in support of her barely-there outfit Shocked: