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Waluigi dating sim tumblr transparents. Wario date sim - bing images

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Um interesting thing that happened to the vinesauce community i guess fergzilla. Which is a lot. Find and follow posts tagged waluigi dating sim on tumblr. We felt most accomplished when the small bugs in the game, how it would skip questions and such, were finally fixed.

We're all proud of the final product, especially the overall appearance and music of the game. How I built it: For a while, we had difficulty organizing the code using functions. You got a question wrong!

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So, we settled on a dating sim, with strange drawings and music and ironically bad graphics to show just how much we love Waluigi as a meme. We learned that using functions and keeping your code organized the extremely important. Where39s that vine of a waluigi cosplayer someone calls 39waluigi39 and he turns around.

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Accomplishments that I'm proud of: But it couldn't just be any game, it had to be ridiculous and strange enough to properly represent Waluigi. A lot of times, the system would skip questions, or it would say that a question was answered right when it was wrong.

When waluigi agrees to this he ends up eating 10x more than luigi.

Let's Try a Waluigi Dating Simulator

For all of us, Waluigi is one of our favourite characters in the Super Mario series. This was usually because of the confusion between global and local variables.

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We used python and pygame to code the game. Even though he's not the most popular and he's also a bit evil, there's just something so amusing about his voice, his appearance, his everything.