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All in all, it was a good film with a little bit of everything thrown in for good measure.

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It seems that the creative team failed to look at the entire film as a whole. Although good direction managed to somewhat alleviate the effects of convoluted plotlines, by the end of the movie my mind was left reeling at what exactly had just happened.

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I see no reason direct approach dating the talented actors could not have just played older versions of themselves, and to me it just seemed like a commercial gimmick to up the starpower of the movie, which instead cut short the connection audiences had been building with Sung and Wang.

A film that was immensely relatable, humorous yet touching. From her hugging of Andy Lau cardboard cut outs to her loyalty to her friends, Sung built up her character fluidly and solidly, rendering her character immensely lovable.

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Despite whatever crazy, unrealistically romantic things happened throughout the film, it was easily gobbled up by the audience due very much to the emotional connection that main actors Sung and Wang forged from the start of the film. Although it really involved the audience in the story and created an uplifting sense of school spirit, it really had nothing to do with the story and only showed minimal growth in the relationship between Xu and Lin.

There were also some really interesting shots that really provided a window into the personalities of the characters, rendering them more relatable and easier to understand, however I believe at times the direction was too longwinded, including shots that were unnecessary to moving the storyline forward.

No matter through their body language, facial expression or interactions with each other, the cast made each and every scene of the movie flow naturally into one another. I believe the discourse and teenage slang used by the cast within the movie would not be unfamiliar to Taiwanese audiences who had experienced high schooling during that period too.

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Although each of the small segments were done well and a pleasure to watch, as a whole there were some holes and cracks that formed. One such development in the story was the introduction of a new principle to the school.

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