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The first hour of the special counts down from Moment 40 to Moment 21 with highlights including Nancy "Mama" Jones,' aka the "Rapping Grandma," hilarious diss song to her future daughter-in-law, the heated argument between K.

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Naismith's peach basket, basketball has achieved worldwide popularity as has attracted some of the greatest athletes of our time. They are icons of the sporting world placed on a pedestal for the world to behold.

Some just want to hold on to what they have, while others want it all.

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Cause things are never what they seem, in love and hip hop. Best Basketball Players In the time since Dr.

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Rapper Saigon and his ex Erica Jean clash violently as they struggle to co-parent their new son. Best Home Security System Companies A high quality home security system isn't just about keeping out intruders, although it does that too.

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Michelle and Lil Scrappy, comedians, media personalities and show producers alike get down to the raw, funny and real commentary on what happened. Best Health Insurance Companies Regardless of your position on the health care debate, the fact is that you need health insurance in the United States.

A movie you'll end up watching through the gaps between your fingers?

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Michelle and Mimi Faust that turned physical thanks to a bouquet of flowers, Somaya Reece's unfortunate on-stage wardrobe malfunction, and Momma Dee's infamous "You left him for dead!