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The new Doctor, very handsome and charming indeed, is rather embarrassed that he wasted three bodies in under a minute simply because he forgot to unplug the generator first. The crisis appears to be over, and Emma is quite looking forward to getting to know this new Doctor, when a residual burst of pure Zectronic energy knocks him down.

Accompanying him are the Daleksthe only creatures not repulsed by the Master's smell, having no noses.

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An extremely old Master then walks into view, complaining about having spent a grand total of nine hundred and thirty six years in a sewer. Instead they find revolucion maderista yahoo dating relaxing in the Sofa of Reasonable Comfort, the Doctor having anticipated this and bribing the architect first.

The Master speaks the message out loud as he receives it for the benefit of the audience, but Emma inadvertently ruins the plan by breaking wind, causing the Master to suddenly start shouting gibberish, which in turn alerts the Daleks as to what's going on.

A room full of Daleks!


He goes to try again to deactivate the beam, when another burst of energy causes him to regenerate yet again. However, the Master declares that he anticipated this, and bribed the architect even earlier, and drops a giant block on their heads.

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The Daleks prepare to exterminate them, but the Master decides he will kill them himself. He charges forward, but the Doctor steps aside and the Master plunges straight through the trap door again.

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Emma interrupts to prompt the Doctor to announce what he has come to say: The Doctor and Emma find what they believe to be the way out of the castle, but in fact turns out to be a room full of Daleks.

The Master and the Daleks, to honour the Doctor's supreme sacrifice, resolve to permanently forswear evil. Dalek sensor bumps on his chest.

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He confirms that Emma is still very much interested and prepares to leave with her, but the Daleks beg the Doctor to help deactivate the Zectronic beam generator in exchange for his life, to which he agrees as a perfect way to finish his "career.

The Doctor and Emma emerge from a door in the hollow block, of course having arrived even earlier The Doctor and Emma emerge on the Sofa of Reasonable Comfort. Yet to everyone's amazement, the Doctor's features begin to change and he regenerates, this time into a very buxom woman.

The Doctor, from his own TARDISreplies that the Master really ought to learn to turn off his speaker before he blabs his entire plan, and that he wants to meet him on the planet Tersurus to give him an important piece of news.

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He comes in again, another three hundred and twelve years older.