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.177 Over Lever Webley Air Pistols for sale

Airsporter' gold coloured electroplated legend and is grooved for telescopic sight. I purposely have not yet fired it, so you and I will be only hours apart as I discover what kind of a gun I have.

The box also contains an original Webley illustrated components list dated2 x period Webley pellet tin paper gift vouchers obviously expireda cardboard box which contains a quantity of lead. Front number plate and handlebar grips are red. This is an excellent example in.

And of these, only the very earliest had a rounded notch like this. Having researched the U. My new air pistol is a post-war Junior, where the one reported in May was a pre-war gun.

How much is your Webley and Scott Junior air rifle worth Sn. The later variant had a straight steel barrel housing and plastic sleeve front sight. Sn - An excellent condition B. My new Webley Junior is in fine condition. The book is all about Webley air pistols and essential to collectors.

To open for cocking, just push it back. Many British airgunners consider the MK3 as one of the finest air rifles ever produced. Value on this rifle is contingent on condition.

The barrel is stamped with.

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Homecoming gift When I returned from the hospital, a group of friends presented me with a fine single-action revolver. This beautiful Uberti single-action revolver was presented to me as a homecoming gift.

When the pistol arrived, I had the pleasant surprise that the gun was in better cosmetic condition than I had imagined.