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Another classic from The American Songbook that has been recorded by so many different voices.

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In moments of weakness, she shamefully admits to me that deep down she wishes that you were never born. Or is joining an established community like a monastery a way forward for you?

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Sometimes a couple, or one half of a couple, has been motivated to get together by an unconscious belief that such a union would define them and make them complete. He picks up toys only to place them on ledges, never once showing any signs of creativity in his play.

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His glazed over eyes look at her hands as he walks toward his loving mother, only to grab a toy of his out of her fingers without even looking at her. It sucks that your mom, my girlfriend, has to deal with the burden that you will always be to her. Click here for additional information.

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But there is no smile of recognition. More From Thought Catalog.

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They then experience emptiness in the relationship as they give up what self they had to it. Article Posted 5 years Ago Share this article. The mother loves her son, how dare I give an honest account of the harsh realities of a shitty situation!

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Is it to become a solo parent and to enjoy the companionship of your children whether or not you find a partner in the future? No, I will never love you, David. I know that in the end, it is a package deal and I will continue to feign intrigue in you because I care about your loving mother so much.

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She tells everyone you are normal and just going through a phase, but even a slight understanding of this disorder reveals you to be an obvious case.