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The arrow always points the direction you should be moving in real time. I'm not saying KI should allow it to freely happen, but I'm saying that it would take drastic steps to stop it for good. Players under the age of 13 can only chat by selecting from a selection of words and phrases; this is another one of those kid-friendly features mentioned earlier.

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The opening sequence of the game is a sort of tutorial where you learn how to maneuver throughout the world.

Music soundtrack may become a bit annoying.

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I went and sent a message to KingsIsle into why I was muted. Each major section of game play follows a unique story arc, but all are in the same vein.

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Sound The sound in Wizard ranges from a bright, cheerful melody in Wizard City to a more exciting tune during monster battles. I just ran into 3 boys trying to jump on my character, saying they "rap ed me".

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The battle takes place around a sphere, with each position available to be taken by both enemy and friendly units. Thank you for reading my review on Wizard Some people might ask "So what, you still have your account" my point I am trying to make is that my sister didn't get in trouble, she has open chat and is under the age to get it in the first place.

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Gameplay Mechanics When you first begin Wizard, you'll be given a short test to help your character determine his or her preferred school of magic and fighting style. I'm not exactly sure how Christmas in July started, but I'm sure not complaining.

You'll have the opportunity to choose both your spell and your target, if you have more than one.

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