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World 3 castle stars dating, frequently bought together

The next section features many Grinders and large Grinders on tracks along the path. Avoid the bullet bills and make your way towards the small hole in the floor. A Bone Goomba can be found, followed by more large Grinders in an area with platforms that move up and down.

World Castle-7 Green Star 3 Shortly before the clear pipe there is an alternate path to your right. Climb up that block to reach a ledge leading to the Star Coin. World Castle-1 Green Star 3 Make contact with the green star ring and collect the eight green coins while avoiding the Blocksteppers for Green Star Number 3.

Super Mario 3D World Green Stars World Castle

Boss Battle[ edit ] The boss here is Wendy O. Then enter the clear pipe to collect Green Star Number 3. You can destroy them and crouch through to find a cove with Green Star Number 3. At the top is a door leading to the next area, where the checkpoint can first be found.

Koopa, whose battle takes place on a long orange platform with water below. Switches that you can crouch through to get to Green Star Number 2. This is followed by more Grinders and a section where Mario has to climb up orange platforms while avoiding the Grinders.

To defeat her, Mario has to stomp on Wendy's head three times when it is dry, or use Fire Mario or Gold Mario to attack her at any time.

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This is followed by the boss door.