Who is WWE Superstars dating? WWE Superstars partner, spouse Who is WWE Superstars dating? WWE Superstars partner, spouse

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Sable's real-life relationship with wrestler Marc Mero became a reality-based on-screen arc in the WWF. Booker T - Is married to Sharmell.

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She ended her run with WWE in and would go on to make six pornographic films. Lita would help usher-in a new era of women's wrestling that would foretell the "Divas Revolution" of recent years.

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They will probably make you be an interviewer before you start your wrestling career. Alexander won with lumbar check he will face Enzo for the title!

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Chyna was the first woman ever to enter the Royal Rumble, and she engaged in a number of matches against male Superstars. The revival via Pinfall!

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One of these days I will get a girl like this and I will be so happy. Their relationship began off-screen and eventually carried over into the story arcs on television. She entered the company in as a bodyguard for Triple H and she went on to be a part of DX.

I don't recall Sara wrestling at all but I know for a fact she was in the second divas swimsuit issue because I am looking at it right now. Elias is now in the ring!

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