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So yes, mostly technical issues, but apart from that, I don't see any problems in duo-streaming. And thats how we first met and then it was years and years of playing together.

[Interview] YACC - CG Acclamator and CG Yanipir

Seeing that is just We've learned as we went and sometimes there were bumps. But this was years ago, probably five years ago, so thats when we first met eachother. To be honest, these trips are so great mostly because of the other CGs, it doesn't matter, which city we're meeting at.

Exactly like she said. It's a combination of two names - Acclamator and Yanipir. It is a learning in progress. And a lot of twitter followers.

As A Czech I must ask, have you tried Czech beer?

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I dont know where I got that idea. Kozel is Czech, yea. Like for example Acclamator's love for boats?

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Alright, thanks again for your time and have a nice day.