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Yaroslav's career went after vocational training in the homeland of fashion up — Italy. Great Marylin Monro's words are involuntarily remembered: At the moment the footwear, products from skin and fur from the designer Shulzhenko are popular both in Russia, and in Ukraine.

This fact also became decisive in destiny of the designer Yaroslav Shulzhenko. The amusing story happened to it at that time.

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Clients come back to its shops again and again. Creation of footwear from Yaroslav Shulzhenko — it was not the spontaneous idea, and since the childhood the plan which is thought over by it.

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Still being a child, he made the decision, by all means to do by the hands for women qualitative, bright, fashionable, and, above all convenient and comfortable footwear. In absolutely imperceptible workshop, using several blocks from a tree and the manual machine Singer, Afanasy of Shulzhenko made unusual footwear for ordinary people.

Our clients are people for whom the footwear is not just convenient thing, but attribute of the status and luxury".

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However, in ten years did not know in what yet. Somehow the boy Yaroslav went to school in shoes of the mother and in spite of the fact that shoes were on low to the course more resembled "unisex", it namuchatsya very much.

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