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He lived in Austria, was learning Russian, and looking to improve his English. In just five minutes, you'll see dozens of different people you could probably have a good time with, although that all depends what you're really looking for.

The unfortunate reality is, most guys are terrible at making things happen on Tinder. He got another bunch of Tinder matches, again mostly fake.

It was never anything serious — just a way to get out of the house and meet new people. Common Connections The Common Connection feature enables you to view mutual Facebook friends you may have with your potential matches.

How to Use Tinder

They were not as well-crafted as the Tinder bots, and the websites they led to did not look very professional.

If your new match has links to profiles with different names, something is probably wrong. There would be people in Germany just as interested in looking to strengthen their English writing, reading and speaking skills as I am in German.

If you are truly serious about becoming fluent in a language, you should be using a whole range of methods to increase your knowledge. You may not be interested in speaking to your new online friends, merely content with texting.

If not, the conversation will end as soon as either of you closes the app.