Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah CONFIRMED to be dating - Koreaboo - Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah CONFIRMED to be dating - Koreaboo -

Yoo ji ah y kim woo bin dating, kim woo bin and yoo ji ahn have broken up

Besides, is ratings the most important thing?

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It tells a lot about life, pain and reality. And I'm not biased because I really did cry and laughed and everything. Every episode always ends with something that will leave a mark. However, both Kim Woo and Shin have their own perspective on dating and marriage.

The story, the script, the soundtrack, the cast and how they played their role A photo posted by Kim Woo Bin??? Love you Aug 08 8: The two started dating soon after that.

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After finding out that you're now the main lead on a new drama, I became really really happy for you. I'll definitely be looking into more of your works so keep doing what your doing man. Just listen to those who believe in you. For us, you're Number One. I can't believe the show doesn't have high ratings.

Just like what your character said There are no rumors of a breakup between them.

Break-ups Abound: Kim Woo-bin and Yoo In-na Single Again

And almost every episode makes me cry. Kim and Shin have been in a romantic relationship since Kim Woo is often spotted picking Shin from her parking garage. You are able to make us feel all that with your acting.