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ByConservancy volunteers logged more than 13, hours in the park, with the organization's volunteer program winning a citation for excellence from the White House.

Central Park

Robert Moses was given the task of cleaning up the park. One of the main reasons for this was the lack of interest from the Tammany Hall political machine, which was the largest political force in New York at the time. Inthere were 3, volunteers compared to just under paid workers in the park.

Interns were hired and a small restoration staff to reconstruct and repair unique rustic features, undertaking horticultural projects, and removing graffiti under the broken windows theory. More gunpowder was used to clear the area than was used at the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War.

Inhe was forced out for the first of many times as Central Park's superintendent, and Andrew Haswell Greenthe former president of New York City's Board of Education took over as the commission's chairman. Despite the increasing numbers of visitors to the park, Robert Moses' departure in marked the beginning of a year period of decline in its management.

The work was extensively documented with technical drawings and photographs. The Greensward Plan's purpose of creating an idyllic landscape was combined with Moses' vision of a park to be used for recreational purposes: Bythe Conservancy was also engaged in design efforts and long-term restoration planning, using both its own staff and external consultants.

Moses managed to secure funds from the New Deal program, as well as donations from the public. The Great Lawn project was completed infeaturing new amenities to encourage passive and active recreation as well as nature appreciation.

The Conservancy's work on the Meer and the Charles A. No longer were parks to be used only for walks and picnics in an idyllic environment but also for sports and similar recreation.